Former Professional Bull Rider Koben Puckett's life has taken a different direction then what he had ever imagined in his childhood dreams. After the results of a life-changing injury that took place at a PBR Classic, he has since been on the path of pursuing recovery from a spinal cord injury. Through years of experiencing ups and downs, some gains and the plateaus in his recovery at different times, he now hosts an annual PBR event in Amarillo Texas on the first Saturday in August. With a new found passion in his life to help others have the same opportunity to recover as well as his self along the way. The event raises funds for the Press On Foundation which helps Koben and others who are pursuing recovery from spinal cord injuries have the opportunity to attend specialized SCI Recovery therapy in Austin, TX.


Just in the last two years I have experienced more recovery in a short period of time, then compared to over the whole course of an eight year ongoing journey. To go from not being able to lean up off the back rest of my chair to now being able to sit forward is huge. Also when I have assistance getting in the standing position using a walker and after some positioning, I can, without any braces hold myself standing for about a minute! Just under two years ago this would’ve been impossible. My dream is to be fully independent and to walk. I want to see many others do it as well!
— Koben Puckett
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